About Us

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Dough-to-Go was created in 1983 - the result of a mom, Betsy, who was disgruntled in her job - and her 12 year old son, Scott, who was tired of her complaining. "Let's make cookie dough," he said. Betsy let the idea roll around in her brain for a while, and decided to go for it. She met someone who was interested in jumping on the cookie dough wagon, and together they made batches of cookie dough until the desire to eat it raw was gone. Recipes were perfected via a mixer, the size of a small country, in Betsy's kitchen. A bakery supplier saw potential, and even pulled a huge semi truck in front of her house to drop off a 100 pound bag of flour, which we thought would last a lifetime. It didn't. Vanilla comes in gallon jugs? Never knew that. We learned from our mistakes, most of the time, and kept reaching for that brass ring on the Merry-Go-Round of the food business.

Thirty years later, not only is Scott grown up, so is the company. We grabbed two of Scott's childhood friends along the way, creating our own Dough-to-Go family. The four of us did everything for years and years, longing for the day we would be big enough to get out of production ourselves. Betsy wanted to develop new products and "the guys" wanted to stop wearing hair nets! We finally made it, but still get back there now and then when things get busy.

We started out as a retail company, selling five flavors of cookie dough in little tubs in the frozen food section of the grocery store. Boy, was that a challenge. A friend finally suggested that we try foodservice, and Betsy said "Great, what's foodservice?" Well, now we know what foodservice is and for 30 years have been providing bakery products for commercial use across the United States.

We've created all the recipes, make all our products from scratch, learned about equipment and what works and what doesn't, learned things we never wanted to know, learned things that come in handy and basically grown up a little. The most important thing we have learned is to partner with our vendors and customers because success is never accomplished alone.

So, here we are, 30 plus years later, looking for something new to liven things up. Change is good, right? So, we decided to stick our toes into the waters of the internet. Let us know how we are doing.